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「10¹² TERRA」とともに模索したのは、白く幾何学的なフォルムの外側のシェードと内側のシェードの回転が織りなす、光の陰影。




In a word, making it as simple as possible.
A light whose movement would feel natural, and would not feel exhausting.
Together with [10¹² TERRA], we aimed to interweave the rotation of both shade from the exterior of a white geometrical shape, and shade from within, presenting a light full of contrasts.
Its source of energy is simply the convection resulting from the heat of the incandescent light bulb.
Daring not to rely on power transmission, we searched for a light that could be beautiful, soft, and natural. 

With LUX, we aimed not for a tool that would simply illuminate, but rather a design that would reflect the natural behavior of light. Here, you will find a beautiful and conceptual lamp that will help you subtly produce an atmosphere using the changing degree of light. 

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10¹² TERRA(テラ)

2012 年、妻沼大介・山田研一によりブランド設立。植物の根を観察しながら育てるステンドグラス製の水栽培用テラリウム、花器や家具などのオリジナル商品の制作と販売。その他、企画・空間演出、企業の商品開発からブランディングまでトータルでプロデュース&デザインしている。

10¹² TERRA is a brand founded in 2012 by Daisuke Tsumanuma and Kenichi Yamada. The company creates and sells original products such as terrariums made from stained glass and used for hydroponics, allowing to grow plants while observing their roots, as well as flower vases and other house furniture. They also provide complete services in areas of producing and designing for enterprises, from space and product creation to branding.

10¹² TERRA